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Stefanie Aguilar

About me

About me

Stefanie is an Administrative Assistant at Wade Law Group. She worked for Santa Clara County Superior Court, Records Division for about 8 years, before transferring to the Public Service Division of Criminal Court for her last 2 years. She also worked as a contracted Records Specialist at the law firm of  Hopkins & Carley in Silicon Valley for 3 years before finding employment at the United States Postal Service, and then an Employment Rights Attorney’s office.  

In her down time, Stefanie enjoys working out, cooking, photography, reading and spending time with her family. She is also a huge sports fan, enjoys attending live events with her family and listening to baseball games on the radio.


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Stefanie Aguilar


Stefanie serves as a highly skilled Administrative Assistant at Wade Law Group, bringing with her a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from her diverse professional background. Prior to joining the firm, Stefanie dedicated nearly a decade of her career to the Santa Clara County Superior Court, where she initially worked in the Records Division for approximately eight years. During this time, she gained valuable insights into the intricacies of the court system and honed her skills in organization and document management.

Eager to further broaden her expertise, Stefanie transitioned to the Public Service Division of Criminal Court for her subsequent two years at the Superior Court. In this role, she acquired a deeper understanding of the criminal justice system and sharpened her abilities in communication and collaboration while working with various legal professionals and stakeholders.

Following her tenure at the Superior Court, Stefanie ventured into the private sector and joined the esteemed law firm of Hopkins & Carley in Silicon Valley as a contracted Records Specialist. During her three-year engagement, Stefanie continued to develop her expertise in document and records management, while also becoming well-versed in the unique challenges and demands of a fast-paced law firm environment.

Seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth, Stefanie then found employment at the United States Postal Service, where she further honed her organizational and customer service skills. Her career path eventually led her to an Employment Rights Attorney’s office, where she expanded her knowledge of employment law and honed her abilities in providing top-notch administrative support to attorneys and clients alike.

Now, as a valued member of the Wade Law Group team, Stefanie leverages her extensive experience and diverse skill set to provide exceptional administrative support and contribute to the firm’s overall success. Her dedication to excellence, combined with her vast knowledge and adaptability, make her an indispensable asset to the firm and its clients.

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