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Ashley Rodriguez

About me

About me

Ashley Rodriguez works as part of the Accounts Receivable team at Wade Law Group. She enjoys providing her excellent customer service and accounting skills to the firm's clients. She attended Irvine Valley College in Orange County, CA. When she is not working you can catch her watching UFC or spending time with her four-legged fur baby.



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Ashley Rodriguez


Ashley Rodriguez plays a vital role as a member of the Accounts Receivable team at Wade Law Group. With her outstanding customer service and accounting expertise, she consistently ensures that the firm’s clients are well taken care of in all financial matters. Her dedication to providing exceptional assistance and maintaining positive relationships with clients contributes significantly to the firm’s overall success and reputation for excellence.

Ashley’s educational background includes attending Irvine Valley College in Orange County, California, where she honed her skills and gained valuable knowledge that she now applies in her professional capacity. Her strong foundation in accounting and client relations has proven to be a valuable asset to the Wade Law Group, as she diligently works to uphold the firm’s high standards and maintain seamless financial operations.

When she’s not immersed in her work at the firm, Ashley is an avid fan of the UFC, following the latest fights and events with enthusiasm. She thoroughly enjoys the excitement and competitive spirit that the sport brings, often spending her free time watching matches and keeping up with her favorite fighters.

In addition to her passion for the UFC, Ashley is a devoted pet parent, cherishing every moment she spends with her four-legged fur baby. She takes great pleasure in caring for her beloved pet, ensuring that they both enjoy a happy and healthy life together. Whether it’s going for walks, playing, or simply relaxing at home, Ashley’s bond with her furry companion is a testament to her compassionate and nurturing nature.

Ashley’s well-rounded interests and personal pursuits demonstrate her ability to balance work and life effectively. Her commitment to excellence in her professional role at Wade Law Group, combined with her diverse range of hobbies and interests, make her an indispensable team member. Ashley’s positive attitude and dedication to providing exceptional service to the firm’s clients ensure that she will continue to be a valuable asset for years to come.

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