No one goes to court to lose

If there is one thing, Wade Law group has noticed throughout the process of helping many clients across a multitude of legal matters, one thing is for certain… No One goes to court to lose. The reason why Wade Law Group stays above other Law firms is that Wade is grounded on a commitment to excellence, preparation, integrity, and reliability. Take a look at what clients and attorneys say about Wade Law Group.

“I would highly recommend Wade Law Group. I had a civil case that was really tough. I interviewed several attorneys before selecting Wade Law Group. Amiel Wade took control of my case and won me everything I asked for. He kept me apprised the entire case and really outsmarted the other side. If you are looking for an aggressive attorney who knows his stuff, I recommend Amiel Wade.” Tim Foster. President, C & C Relocations.

“The attorneys from Wade Law Group know how to get needed results and are committed to providing the highest quality of legal service. I believe that they are committed to ensuring the best result for their client. I trust them to be a strong advocate for my needs and the needs of my company. I think good service is based on knowledge and experience, and Wade Law Group has both. The billing process was accurate and timely. I have always found Amiel easy to work with and knowledgeable. The attorneys are always prepared and are extremely knowledgeable of the law. Having known Amiel from a previous organization, I knew he would be thorough in his approach and work diligently to cover all the points necessary. I only recommend vendors with whom I have had a successful experience, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Amiel.” Melissa Jones. President, Ultimodule, Inc.

“The attorneys from Wade Law Group know how to get needed results and are committed to providing the highest quality of legal service. They were always available to answer questions when I needed them. They provide the highest level of personal attention to their clients and are always prepared. They are also aggressive advocates. They are committed to 110 percent client satisfaction and their fees are reasonable and well worth the value of their services.” Grace Jimenez. Santa Clara County Social Services Lawyers play an important role in staying between the boundaries of the rule of law.

Lawyers protect their clients’ rights to a fair trial. Legal ethics, not only regulate the conduct of legal practice but also reflect the basic assumptions, premises, and methods of the legal system within which the lawyer operates. They reflect as well the profession’s conception of its own role in the administration of justice. As a lawyer, it’s their job is to help their client solve their legal issues, in a timely and affordable fashion, while remaining true to the principles of law ethics.

Wade Law Group decided to take a revolutionary approach to the way clients’ matters are handled in the court room and have vowed to take the phrase “no one goes to court to lose” to an entire new level! At Wade Law Group, the firm cares about the relationships that are built with clients and take great pride in making a total commitment to excellence on their behalf. The firm is never satisfied until each client can state unequivocally that a 100% commitment to excellence on the client’s behalf has been made. Wade Law group is accessible, responsive, and flexible as the firm strives to add value to the attorney client relationship.