New probate litigation for Glen Campbell’s estate

In this changing world, it is not uncommon for California estates to contain more than just the family home and furniture. Many estates also involve intellectual property, digital assets and cryptocurrency, as well as other unusual investments. Handling these assets during probate and beyond can be challenging and require special insight. However, not every heir may approve of the steps an executor takes to manage those assets, and this can result in probate litigation.
Country music legend Glen Campbell died in 2017, leaving behind a legacy of songs and recordings. Since Campbell’s death, his wife has apparently spent over $200,000 in legal fees to value and protect the singer’s assets. Chief among these assets are Glen Campbell’s famous name and image, and the many songs he wrote and recorded over his more than 50-year career.

Reasonable fees?

Meanwhile, Campbell’s daughter has filed a motion for a special hearing to investigate the fees that she feels are draining the estate. The law firm, which charges over $1,000 an hour, served Campbell for most of his career. According to his wife, the fees are justified since the attorneys know the late singer’s assets intimately and are familiar with handling valuable intellectual property. Apparently, the disputes between Campbell’s wife and his children have been going on for several years, including an abandoned attempt to challenge Campbell’s will.
Perhaps the more complex the estate and its heirs, the greater the chances for disputes and challenges. These may stem from greed or from genuine concern for the preservation of the estate. In any case, heirs who fear their rightful inheritance is at risk may be uncertain what to do to protect it. Many in California seek answers from an attorney skilled in probate litigation.