Most California parents would do anything they deemed necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. In some cases, a parent may feel it is best if the children spend less time with their other parent, which is an issue that commonly comes up during child custody disputes. Though joint custody is more often considered best for the children involved, many divorces become contentious over custody matters.

How mental health concern can affect child custody conflicts

It was recently reported that mental health concerns may be one reason for the increase in conflict regarding custody. In some cases, one parent may have a mental illness, and the other parent feels that it would be best for the children to have limited time with that parent. Though the parent may feel as if he or she is being protective, it can sometimes be unwarranted, depending on the actual diagnosis of the other parent.
Of course, it is not just mental health concerns of the parents that can cause contention. Children can have mental health issues of their own, and one parent may feel that he or she can handle the child’s needs better than the other parent. Additionally, if a child lives with anxiety, for example, having to go back and forth between each parent’s house could increase those feelings of anxiety.
Mental health is gaining more attention these days, which can be beneficial for those who need help addressing those health-related needs. However, misunderstandings or misinformation could result in difficulties during child custody proceedings. If California parents are concerned that their own mental health diagnoses or those of their children could play a part in their legal proceedings, they may wish to discuss their options for tackling this issue head-on with their legal counsel.