Many people in California are aware of the fact that Matt Lauer was fired from the Today Show for past inappropriate behavior. The events that led to Lauer losing his job, also led to his wife filing for divorce. The couple has reportedly finalized that divorce now after approximately two years. Lauer reportedly agreed to pay his ex-wife $20 million. It is unclear the rest of the terms of the divorce, but the two were seen together at one of their children’s events.
Divorces are becoming more and more common and, while most divorces do not involve the amount of money at stake in Lauer’s divorce, people still need to deal with the same types of issues. People will need to make decisions regarding the care of their children such as child custody and parenting time as well as child support. They will also need to make decisions about dividing their assets and debts. Couples will also have to make decisions regarding spousal support.
These are not easy decisions to make though and how the couple reaches resolution of the issues also varies. Couples can try to talk through the issues and work them out on their own, but that is not always possible especially given that they are not getting along at the time. Couples could also attempt mediation as well and have a neutral third-party attempt to assist them. However, if these options do not work then ultimately a judge will have to make the decisions for the couple.
Many couples in California go through divorces each year. These can be very emotional times for the couple and they need to make very important decisions at the same time. That can make the decisions very difficult to make and couples may need the assistance of others to help them through this difficult and important time. Experienced attorneys understand both the law and the divorce process and could guide one through it.