Getting a divorce can easily become one of the most complicated processes in any California resident’s life. If a person has children, his or her main focus may be on reaching certain child custody outcomes. Of course, it is easy for this topic of divorce to become heated and potentially turn into a dispute.
When it comes to child custody decisions, they often come about in one of two ways. If parents are able to work together, they may be able to come to terms outside of the courtroom. Parents may be able to set aside their own personal emotions and decide together which terms would work in the best interests of the children. Of course, that amicable approach does not work for everyone.
The second manner in which custody decisions are made is having the court decide. Many parents may have reasons for wanting sole custody or for otherwise not agreeing with the custody wishes of the other parent. If an amicable agreement cannot be reached, the court will decide which type of arrangements would work in the best interests of the children, and in some cases, parents may have to work hard to present their cases for custody to the court.
Because child custody is such an important matter, California parents undoubtedly want to know what to expect when entering into these proceedings. It may be useful for parents concerned about disputes to discuss their options with their legal counsel. By understanding how state laws and court decisions could influence custody outcomes, parents may be better able to build their cases.