Employers and managers have a lot of responsibility. They must ensure that their employees are carrying out their necessary tasks appropriately, ensure that the overall operation runs smoothly and address any complaints brought forth by employees. However, some employees may feel that their employers did not do enough to address a complaint, and as a result, those employers may end up having to defend against lawsuits.

Lawsuits against the owner and management of a bar

California readers may be interested in two lawsuits against the owner and management of a bar in a nearby state. According to reports, two former employees have filed suit over claims of facing sexual harassment while on the job. Apparently, one of the former employees claims that she was repeatedly hugged and kissed by one of the bar’s investors, and though she allegedly brought the inappropriate actions to the attention of management, she believes that it was not handled properly.
The second employee’s complaints are also against the investor and management of the bar. She claims that the investor inappropriately grabbed her below the waist. Both former employees and others reportedly claim that the bar owner and the management staff allowed the behavior to continue by not taking appropriate action after being informed of the investor’s actions. There was no direct comment provided by the bar owner or management regarding the claims.
Facing lawsuits from employees or former employees for any reason can be difficult for business owners. Such claims could have lasting repercussions on the reputation of an establishment as well as its financial well-being. If California business owners and employers are facing employment litigation, they may wish to ensure that they fully understand their defense options.