Are you in need of representation from one of the most awarded law firms in San Jose CA? Have you recently been served with official court papers or received a lawsuit? Don’t fret, Wade Law Group is here for you. Using our 360-degree tactical approach, we fight aggressively for our clients. Our specialties are primarily in litigation practices and services, and we have an expert grasp on the California judicial system. Continue reading to find out what sets us apart from other law firms in San Jose CA. You can also read more about our different practice areas here:

Law Firms in San Jose CA | Getting Served With Court Papers

If you have recently been served with court papers, don’t panic. There are, however, a few significant things to keep in mind in the event you are the recipient of a civil or corporate lawsuit. The most important thing is you have someone you can trust help you through it.
Once you have received your official court papers, get in touch with us. We will provide you with a free consultation, an estimate of our services, and advise you on the steps you need to take moving forward. In the meantime, take a moment to read the below statements that deal with being served court papers. You can also read a more thorough text regarding this subject here: Legal Advice.

    1. Response: In the state of California, you only have 30 days to format and submit a formal response.


    1. Format: The proper format of your response must meet the expectations and standards of the State of California’s judicial system.


    1. Failure to Respond: If you do not respond within the allotted amount of time, a default judgment can and most likely will be submitted against you.


    1. Overturning the Judgment: Once a default judgment is filed against you, the only way to reverse it is to file a motion that asks for the judgment to be set aside.


    1. Representation: It is paramount that you seek our adequate legal representation to help assist you with your proceedings.


    1. Extension: An attorney is able to request an extension if you are nearing your 30-day deadline and have not completed your response yet.


    1. Response: Your response should be thorough, well thought out, and strategic once drafted with the help of your attorney.


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Wade Law Group is centrally located in San Jose, CA and holds satellite offices in 5 other California locations. We specialize primarily in corporate, business, civil, and family law and litigation. We pursue justice with an approach that has resulted in favorable rulings for our clients. Our founder, Amiel Wade, is highly awarded in our respective field and our firm is nationally recognized for our customer satisfaction rating on respected attorney ranking websites. Watch the video below for more information about who we are and CONTACT US if you have any additional questions.
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