Yard signs are not an unusual sight lately. As election season continues, residents may display their political leanings with signs of all sizes, and this often stirs up conflict among neighbors who are passionate about their candidates. However, for those in California who live in communities governed by homeowners’ associations, signs in the yard may raise a different kind of conflict. In fact, HOA disputes over yard signs may have nothing to do with politics.
One homeowner in another state is hoping the HOA will reconsider its rule prohibiting signs. The resident placed a neon green sign in her yard warning drivers to slow down and watch for children playing. However, the HOA directed her to remove the sign since it violated the community rule regarding yard signs. When the resident protested that the sign was for the safety of the children, the HOA agreed to allow her to post it when children were playing as long as she removed it when no children were outside.

The next steps

The resident felt the HOA’s compromise was unreasonable and would require her to watch for children to stop playing to avoid a violation. She is now circulating a petition for some permanent safety measures for the neighborhood children. This includes better lighting and official signs warning drivers to slow down. According to the HOA representative, some measures are already in the works.
Those in California who live in communities with HOAs understand how difficult it can be to achieve positive changes. Residents who violate the rules often face fines or even more severe consequences. It is not uncommon for residents dealing with HOA disputes to end up fighting those battles in court.