Though deciding to end a marriage is certainly a difficult decision, it may be one of the easier parts of such a case for some people. Unfortunately, many California residents face divorce cases that have conflict after conflict, and many times those conflicts stem from feelings of hurt from at least one spouse. In some cases, the emotions expressed by one party during such a case could lead to numerous disputes.

How emotional feelings work in divorce litigation

Even if an individual wants to put his or her best foot forward when it comes to handling a divorce case, the other party involved may not want to make it easy. Learning that a spouse wants to end the marriage could result in the other party feeling dis-empowered or small, and as a result, that person may try to make him or herself feel bigger by acting cruelly. It is also likely for anger to surface during this time as hurt feelings often lead to anger, and some people use their anger to make vengeful decisions to hurt their spouse.
It is also possible that one party may try to manipulate his or her spouse and criticize any decisions that spouse makes. This can show itself in the courtroom during divorce proceedings if one party tries to make the other seem incompetent or unfit in efforts to obtain custody of the kids or to reach other outcomes. These tactics can often result in long and arduous legal proceedings.
Divorce litigation is not always necessary, but when parties cannot get through their own personal feelings in a healthy way, they may use those feelings to make the case more difficult. California residents facing this type of ordeal may not know what to do, but fortunately, they have legal rights and options. Additionally, they can have an advocate on their side in the form of attorneys experienced in handling difficult family law cases.