Divorce: The purpose of your custody fight is to protect the children above all else.

Fighting over the custody of a child might as well become one of the most stressful experiences a parent can go through, especially since you don’t know what to expect. Divorce itself is an emotionally difficult process, for both the parents and the child. However, as tough as the situation might be, it’s of importance to remember that children are the most vulnerable out of anyone involved. Parents are often aware of this, but do not realize that even in within the best of intentions to fight over the child’s well-being, children and their emotions are put in the center.

It is of all parents concern to have their child grow in a safe environment. Families itself are all some sort of ecosystem in which kids learn and improve. However, all families have their issues. Dysfunctionality in a family can be fatal. It can happen in several ways, let it be; one or both parents being unaffectionate towards the children, one or both parents having abusive tendencies, or having issues of addiction to substances. These factors are crucial to breaking down a family. When people start to believe their partner is contributing to dysfunction, divorce comes into play.

When parents start to take different paths, its effect on children may vary. Divorce is a difficult time for a family. Some children react to divorce in an understanding way, while others may struggle adapting to the transition. During these times reassurance plays an essential role. Children are trying to understand the changing dynamics of the family, no matter how old they are, let them know that you still love them and are trying to figure out what’s best for them. Hearing these words are a healthy source of encouragement that help the kid feel at ease.

It is not wrong to acknowledge feeling the need to receive sole custody of your child in hopes of keeping them in a stable and deserving environment. Away from any abusive tendencies of the other parent. Pursuing this is not an easy task, but completely necessary if he child’s integrity is being put at risk. It is important however, for you to encourage your children to maintain a certain relationship with their other parent because children do need both of their parents. Get them to interact if possible, avoiding any negative aspects like abuse, if necessary.

Children often struggle to voice or articulate their own needs. This is when parents roles come into play. When parents pay attention to children’s voices, they feel valued, supported,
and listened to, they develop more confidence to express their opinions not only at the moment, but in the future too. They might not be completely aware of their environment, but it is the parent’s task to make sure they are safe by listening to their kids. During these processes of divorce, make sure to maintain your arms open for your child. The situation is just as stressful for them, and they’ll need you more than ever.