Ending a marriage can cause a number of difficulties in a person’s life, but often, ending a relationship may be for the best. In particular, if California residents are living in toxic marriages, moving on from that relationship may help them live happier and healthier lives. Of course, it can also mean that divorce litigation will take place.
Some people may not recognize when they are in a toxic relationship until they can no longer handle the stress and anxiety they feel. Numerous signs do exist that a marriage is toxic, and a lack of communication is one sign. Typically, if individuals face marital issues or have concerns, they can talk together to come to a resolution. However, in toxic relationships, one party may refuse to talk about problems, or the two may simply not want to communicate openly about anything.
Manipulation can also play a significant role in toxic relationships. One party may always try to get his or her way by implementing manipulative tactics or even threatening his or her spouse. If this happens, it is a major red flag that the relationship is not healthy.
It can be immensely beneficial for California residents to recognize when they are in unhealthy relationships and make the decision to leave. However, dissolving a marriage with a toxic person is often difficult. Rather than being able to amicably come to terms, divorce litigation usually takes place, and cases can become complicated. Fortunately, if individuals anticipate this type of scenario, they may be better able to prepare ahead of time.