A California family court judge always keeps a child’s best interests in mind when making custody or child support decisions. If parents disagree on a particular issue, it can be stressful and challenging to obtain a fair solution to the problem. If one parent accuses the other of wrongdoing, it may be left to the court to determine who is telling the truth. Actor Jeremy Renner and his ex, Sonni Pacheco, are currently entangled in divorce litigation about a trust fund set up for their 7-year-old daughter.
Renner alleges that Pacheco has unlawfully transferred and used monies from his daughter’s trust fund over the past two years. Renner said approximately $50,000 is missing from his daughter’s trust, and he believes Pacheco has used it for personal reasons that have nothing to do with their child. Pacheco has come out fighting the allegations, calling Renner a bully who tells lies about her.
Pacheco reportedly sent Renner’s business manager an email, stating that she used some of the trust fund money to pay property taxes. She also admitted to using some of the money to purchase “essentials” needed for her daughter’s birthday party and to buy her Christmas gifts. Pacheco said she has no funds to provide for her daughter on her own because her savings have been depleted from legal fees.
Pacheco made an accusation against Renner, as well, claiming that she has witnessed conduct on his part that places their daughter’s well-being at risk when she is in his care. Divorce litigation can be stressful when two parents are at odds on child-related issues. A concerned California parent can protect his or her rights by relying on an experienced family law attorney for support in court.