Divorce Facts

Unquestionably, a divorce can be one of the most distressing and life-changing events one can experience. It is no wonder that many in California postpone the dissolution of their marriages for fear of the long-term emotional and physical struggles the media reports are imminent for most of those who go through divorce. However, this is not always the case. In fact, a recent study shows that only a small percentage of those who go through divorce fail to recover and lead happy, productive lives.
Divorce does not have to break someone’s spirit. While it is common for those who go through divorce to experience a period of sadness and mourning for what is lost, those feelings do not have to persist. In about 80% of cases, divorced spouses emerge from their sorrow and move forward with their lives.
A small percentage of people suffer from physical or mental illness following a divorce. However, psychologists point out that there is no way of knowing whether they would have had those struggles if they had remained married, so it is not accurate to blame the divorce. Those who have a history of mental illness, anxiety, obsessive behavior or inability to let go of the past may be the same who have difficulty moving forward after a divorce.
Of course, these are generalizations, and everyone processes change differently. Fortunately, there are skilled professionals in California to assist those who struggle to overcome the emotional trauma of divorce just as there are those professionals who can guide one through the legal issues. With the right advocates, those who are living in unhappy marriages may find hope for their futures.