An experienced corporate litigation lawyer deals with any proceedings involving a business or corporation. These lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of far more than just businesses suing one another.
Corporate litigation attorneys also fully understand how to properly manage business disputes and can even take steps to avoid litigation. Savvy businesses and corporate organizations of every size will hire these corporate litigation attorneys to handle all manner of litigation issues including those involving contract issues.
Recently, new state and federal regulations have placed companies and businesses under increased scrutiny. In order to deal with federal regulators and fall under regulatory compliance, these companies hire experienced corporate litigation attorneys to represent them.

Corporate Litigation Examples

The field of corporate and business law encompasses numerous legal matters which a corporate litigation lawyer must become experienced with over the course of their career. Below are a number of litigation services that these attorneys can provide to their corporate and business clients.

    • Administrating a business’ corporate tax compliance ensuring the business falls under regulation.


    • Mediating and litigating lawsuits involving shareholder-derivative lawsuits.


    • Ensure that a business is in compliance with corporate governance regulations and new accounting.


    • Managing compliance with hour, wage, and anti-discrimination laws for their corporate and business clients.


    • Ensuring that a business’ rights are protected against wrongful termination lawsuits saving them money and defending their company’s reputation.


    • A corporate litigation lawyer helps mediate and settle disputes with at-will employees, professionals, and unionized workforces.


    • Handle tort issues when a client or employee is injured by a business’ products or services.


    • Manage breach of contract disputes involving other companies including prosecuting or defending.


    • Handle issues involving corporate real estate including disputes and premise liability with regulators and landlords.

It is important in today’s business world for companies of all sizes strategically plan on how to manage litigation risk and protect them from government investigations. A corporate litigation attorney is considered a prudent investment by smart companies who want competent and experienced representation.

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A corporate litigation lawyer should strive to protect your business’ rights while also ensuring regulatory compliance is met. Our attorneys work to achieve the best results for our clients while protecting their interests.
The process of corporate litigation is complex and requires a skilled understanding of the dynamics of litigation. Whether your business is involved in a contract dispute or a personal injury lawsuit we can provide the most proficient representation available.  
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