A corporation can be described as a legal entity, created by law or under the authority of law, in order to conduct business. Corporate law is a branch of commercial law that aims to examine and monitor the creation, nature, and operation of a legally incorporated business. Because corporations of all sizes are treated as an individual that can sue or be sued, it is highly beneficial to have a corporate attorney that you can rely on for advice and if necessary representation.

The modern corporation has four, central, defining characteristics:

    • Separate existence
    • Amalgamated Management
    • Ownership Transferability
    • Limited Liability

Corporate law covers the wide array of topics involving the legal actions and consequences that corporations may face. Annual meetings with shareholders are required of corporations by most states. Many of these states push even further, requiring frequent meetings between the corporation’s officers and the board of directors. As you may have started to notice, corporations have heavily regulated conditions to be met in order to be able to reap the numerous benefits, such as tax advantages that corporations receive. A corporate attorney will help ensure that all lawful regulations are met and that your business isn’t falling into murky waters.
Corporate attorneys don’t one have one general focus; in fact to be an adept representative a corporate attorney should have a varied set of skills that revolve around the different aspects of corporate law. The best corporate attorneys should be knowledgeable in tax, litigation, real estate, and environmental law. Though not necessarily specified experts in one of these fields a good corporate attorney should be well rounded and experienced enough to handle any issues that may arise from these varying topics. One of the most valued traits of an elite corporate attorney is their ability to discuss aspects that go beyond purely legal advice. The best corporate attorneys will offer their expertise and serve as a trusted business counselor.
A corporate attorney will help with the management of litigation, this is highly beneficial because litigation can quickly become overwhelming without the aid of a professional. Litigation help by a skilled corporate attorney can include handling harassment and discrimination lawsuits, government investigations, environmental lawsuits, as well as employee and customer lawsuits.
While many lawyers & brokers are willing to help in the early stages of a business such as with its naming/trademark, paperwork registration to legally start a business, and creating contracts it essential to seek out a skilled corporate attorney when moving to later stages. It is important to consider that a corporate attorney is an invaluable investment when:

    • Forming a corporation
    • Filing a patent
    • Dealing with Litigation
    • Moving Ownership

A practiced corporate attorney will communicate and offer solutions to any road bumps along the way. To quote J.P. Morgan, “I do not pay my lawyers to tell me what I cannot do, but to tell me how to do what I want to do.” A good corporate attorney will do just that. An expert corporate attorney will never respond to an inquiry with a simple “Yes” or “You can’t do that,” but rather will elaborate their thoughts on the matter and clearly lay out all possible choices and outcomes with a suggested route. Wade Litigation offers knowledgeable representatives and elite services. We provide consultation and representation throughout California, our main office is located in San Jose, CA.