Anyone that is dealing with a lawsuit will probably have questions to do with the litigation process. Preparation will be important and retaining a commercial litigation attorney will most likely be necessary if you are dealing with matters relating to business.
It’s important to understand that one of the most significant parts of the process will be choosing a knowledgeable commercial litigation attorney with experience handling legal matters successfully. Integrity and experience will prove to be invaluable for reaching a positive resolution.
Below you’ll find the four basic stages involved that make up the typical business litigation process. If you’re already prepared to speak with a qualified business litigation lawyer in San Jose, contact the Wade Law Group for a free consultation soon.

Four Stages of the Litigation Process

Litigation can generally be broken down into four easy to understand stages. However, due to the complex nature of the laws along with the varying details that every case presents, how long each phase takes will be different.
Stage One: Consultation
You will first consult with your commercial litigation attorney to discuss the details surrounding the case. Whether you are filing a claim or defending one, the most important thing to remember is that time will be critical. The sooner you meet with your representation, the faster the legal team can prepare any documents and the better the chances will be for resolving your case successfully.
Stage Two: Filing
After analyzing and developing a tactful plan, the next phase will be to file an initial pleading inside the courtroom. The discovery process will then be initiated, which is when the information is gathered as evidence through oral testimony, written depositions, and documentation.
Stage Three: Trial
Once the discovery process is complete and arrangements have been prepared by the judge, the trial can begin. Plaintiffs will always go first because they have the burden of proof. The defendant will then be allowed to produce a response. Rebuttals are allowed for either side regarding evidence presentation and the overall length will depend on the total number of witnesses, exhibits, and how complicated the case is.
Stage Four: Post-Trial
Once the trial is over, post-trial proceedings can begin. These include submitting motions for appeals and collections. You commercial litigation attorney will continue to advise you of the appropriate actions to take moving forward.
Remember, the litigation process involves many different factors and requires proper handling of multiple moving parts with strict deadlines. The sooner you secure a commercial litigation attorney to advise you, the better the chances your case will end in a positive resolution.
Wade Law Group to speak with a litigation lawyer in San Jose with experience handling corporate and business law cases throughout every forum. Our law firm utilizes an aggressive and tactful approach to ensure swift, positive resolutions.
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