Though employees are needed to help companies ensure that all necessary tasks are completed, difficulties among workers can happen. In some cases, an employee may feel as if he or she is being mistreated by superiors on the job or even facing discrimination. When this happens, it is not uncommon for businesses to have to defend against legal claims.
It was recently reported that a California worker filed a lawsuit against Target for alleged disability discrimination. The man stated that, during his interview for a position in the food and beverage department of the store, he informed the company about a traumatic brain injury that he had suffered. After being hired, the man claimed that he was often reprimanded for his slow work and compared to workers with more experience who worked more quickly.

California worker filed a lawsuit against Target

The man was hired in Sept. 2019 and apparently lost his job that same year. The termination reportedly occurred because of the man’s slow work performance. He believes that he was not properly trained for his job, not given reasonable accommodations and ignored when he complained about the treatment he received from superiors. Target issued a statement indicating that they knew of the lawsuit but that the company is committed to an inclusive workplace.
Allegations of discrimination can come against employers for various reasons. They can often put the reputation of a company on the line, and they place businesses in the position of potentially having to pay compensation for any damages awarded in such a case. Any California employer facing this type of predicament may find it useful to explore available defense options in hopes of finding the best path for reaching favorable outcomes to such a case.