Depending on your situation, it may be best to consult with an attorney from a civil litigation law firm before you file a lawsuit. Handling a lawsuit on your own is a complicated process and securing legal representation is recommended. The direction from a civil litigation lawyer who has experience handling such matters will be a useful resource.

What a Civil Litigation Attorney Does

A civil litigation attorney provides guidance and representation for individuals filing and proceeding with a non-criminal lawsuit. In some cases, pursuing a civil lawsuit outside of the courtroom is a more suitable option. Civil litigation attorneys can also help to advise you of which direction appears to be the best way to handle the matter.
A few examples of disputes handled by a civil litigation law firm include:

    • Business & Corporate Disputes


    • Construction Disputes


    • Contract Disputes


    • Debt Settlements


    • Discrimination


    • Divorce Litigation (Alimony, Family Law, etc.)


    • Personal Injury


    • Probate Matters


    • Real Estate Disputes


    • Unfair Compensation

In the event a lawsuit does go to trial, a civil litigation law firm protects the rights of its clients throughout the case. Thorough preparation, tactical planning, and aggressive action are the qualities litigation specialists need in order to reach a resolution in your favor quickly.

When to Contact a Civil Litigation Law Firm

Before you file a civil lawsuit of any kind, you should first consult with a civil litigation lawyer. A litigation specialist can help to confirm if your case has a good chance at success or not. Their familiarity with the procedures, formalities, and paperwork will also help you during the initial filing process.
In addition, litigation attorney can also advise you of alternative options that might be available to you. Typically, you can consult with a litigation attorney for free, so you have nothing to lose. You can also find answers regarding the cost of civil litigation attorney rates during the consultation.
Some litigation lawyers will bill hourly while others charge a contingency fee. When a civil litigation law firm charges a contingency, there is no upfront or hourly cost. Rather, a predetermined fee will be taken only upon the successful resolution of your case. Be sure to ask about all these financing options so that you can better determine if the lawsuit is worth pursuing with or without representation.
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