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Whenever someone is sued, it is important to find a proven civil litigation attorney who knows the courtroom and the nuances of litigation. The litigation process can be volatile and emotionally exhausting. This is one reason it is critical for the party involved to have a competent civil litigation attorney who can provide an adequate and court-savvy representation. At Wade Law Group we are passionate about fighting for our clients and trust in the process of being more prepared and well informed than our opponents.

Wade Law Group civil litigation attorney

In complex cases and quickly handled issues alike, a Wade Law Group civil litigation attorney knows how to come out the victor during the litigation proceedings. In the cases where a resolution is easily-identified and quickly agreed upon, a Wade Law Group civil litigation attorney will take immediate action to bring a definitive end to the matters in as cost-efficient and quick a manner as possible. Conversely, if the litigation process looks to be more complex, a Wade Law Group civil litigation attorney will immediately begin a thorough preparation for our clients. Our focus and main goal will always be to protect our clients’ rights first, advising them accordingly so that the end result is ruled in our favor.
Any civil litigation attorney employed by Wade Law Group knows all the ins and outs of the judicial system and works hard to achieve a positive ruling and overall outcome. This only comes with a comprehensive knowledge of the California civil justice system. This is why each civil litigation attorney we have is able to utilize the collective resources and expertise we have obtained with our six separate offices throughout the state of California. We proudly serve every region of our state and have offices in the cities of San Jose, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Alameda, San Francisco, and Gilroy. Our services most commonly include corporate and business disputes, real estate disputes, construction disputes, serious personal injury matters, divorce litigation, and family law matters.
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