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Concerning Civil Lawsuits

A common scenario that presents the need for civil litigation is during a contract dispute. When someone performs a service under contract with the intention of receiving the customer’s payment at a later date but the customer refuses or does not pay back in full, a civil litigation attorney will assist you in receiving the appropriate compensation you deserve.
A civil lawsuit can come about for a number of reasons including governmental problems and arguments between individuals. Civil lawyers in San Jose CA work to provide their clients with a way to properly work through these issues with professionalism and expertise.

The Complaint

We previously used the example of a complaint being filed against an individual who has breached a contract. Although an argument does not necessarily have to end in a prolonged court battle if no agreement is reached during the stage known as “pre-filing” then the initial pleading must play out.
The issuance of the complaint is the first step in a civil lawsuit. This is typically done through a document detailing the pertinent issues that the plaintiff (in this case you, the business owner) is facing and how you would like to be compensated.
Note: It is important to know that the compensation may or may not be monetary.

Contacting The Other Party

The second step in a civil lawsuit that civil lawyers in San Jose CA can guide you through is summoning the individual who committed an act against you. In our example, this is the delinquent customer that has either refused payment or has withheld the complete payment for the service.
In order to summon the individual a legal professional like a civil attorney will provide the person at fault (the defendant) with the complaint and will alert them that they must appear in court. Typically, this is known as “being served civil papers” because the defendant will receive legal documents detailing that they are being sued.

Waiting For The Answer

The individual acting as the defendant must legally under the law respond to the complaint and process an answer. This means they must formally respond to the complaint you have filed against them.
Finding civil lawyers in San Jose CA with experience constructing a well-conceived case is important when it comes to civil litigation. Therefore it is necessary to choose the very best legal professionals to help you through the stressful process.
The skilled and experienced professionals at [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] have become the premier choice in civil litigation attorneys in California. We are dedicated to providing peace of mind for our clients and a resolution to their cases that is agreeable. Contact us today for a free case consultation.
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