Wade Law Group is a team of committed litigation experts working toward the provision of high-quality legal counsel paired with excellent customer service to help get you and your business on track towards success. If you have been looking for premier California law firms but haven’t had much luck finding the right fit; reach out to Wade Law Group for a free consultation. Our team aims to help simplify the search for law and litigation experts that care. We can provide you and your business a multitude of services when you need them most.  Our California law firm has satellite locations all throughout the state with the main office based in San Jose CA.

Litigation Services We Provide

Business litigation is one of the most sought after services in our industry. We understand all the complexities of business legalities and can help guide you through the daunting but necessary tasks to keep your business on the right track. Our seasoned experts at Wade Law Group at are prepared to give you the best representation we can offer. Our experienced litigators are ready to stand on your behalf no matter what the magnitude of the issue may be. Wade Law Group is a California Law firm that offers services such as:

Civil litigation involves a party being sued and taken to court to resolve the issue. The litigation process can be emotionally exhausting and time-consuming. Civil litigation can prove to be quite draining. The best plan of action when dealing with either side of a civil litigation is seeking out a knowledgeable, savvy attorney who can provide fair yet aggressive courtroom representation. Wade Law Group is a California law firm that provides valuable legal advice and representation. Our team at Wade Law Group prides itself on above-and-beyond case preparation carried out by informed litigation pundits.
Wade Law Group provides our clients with comprehensive legal counsel and dispute resolving services. We work with a multitude industries of varying sizes facing individually specific tasks and issues. Our experience in the industry makes us confident that we can provide you with proper legal services to help take some stress off your plate. When it comes to business litigation you can count on our California Law Firm – Wade Law Group.
Divorce and family law are arguably some of the most difficult legal disputes to handle. The splitting and allocating of the parties’ property right are up in the air during the process of marriage dissolution. We understand the many laws surrounding this aspect of litigation and can help you become more informed of all the steps and obstacles that will be faced during this time. Wade Law Group will work with you to give you effective representation when you need it most.
Our California Law firm is among the most revered in our industry. We have a proven track record of successful legal representation and litigation services. We will work you to provide the most satisfactory results possible. Our team of San Jose Lawyers offers trusted legal counsel and litigation proficiency. Contact our California Law firm today and work with the premium choice for lawful expertise.