Currently, California environmental and business law allows California farmers and businesses to drill an unlimited number of wells in the state. However, a tragedy of the commons is playing out as the water table across California continues to drop.
California’s intense drought is leading to a surge in the number of wells dug for water and an increasing depth of those wells. As the worst drought in almost ten years continued, the water table for all of California steady dropped. The groundwater close to the surface which used to fill the wells for many Californian homes dried up. The drying up of the groundwater lead to devastating consequences for some towns such as Porterville. Porterville’s well dried up and left its residence without a reliable source of water.
Conditions such as those in Porterville lead to the increased exploitation of California’s remaining groundwater. In the search for lower levels of groundwater, farmers and businesses drilled deeper and more often increasing the burden on the existing water supply. Using satellite technology, research already indicates that California’s groundwater supply has been falling dramatically since the beginning of the drought.
One of the primary areas of groundwater depletion is in the central valley. Unfortunately, this is also one of the areas of California that needs a healthy groundwater supply the most. California’s central valley is home to enormous agricultural production of nuts, fruits, and other produce. These crops, especially the rich almond harvests, require significant amounts of water to maintain which places an increased burden on the water supply and forces more well digging.
In order to replenish the groundwater supply in California, we may have to endure less food and more restrictions on water acquisition. This may lead to increased business regulation and new business laws. If you need a qualified business law attorney, please contact Wade Law Group at (888) 909-9430.