Wade Litigation a staple all throughout California for business law and corporate law.  If you need a business lawyer San Jose then try Amiel Wade and his team of proven San Jose Lawyers.  The Wade Litigation San Jose Law Firm counsels small business and large business alike.  Investor Groups, Domestic Corporations, Foreign Corporations, Non Profit, Start Up Businesses and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.  When starting a business or corporation you should have an experienced business lawyer san jose during all phases of development through complete maturation of the business endeavour.  From the time you start to form the business and draw up a plan to the daily operations, growth through merger or acquisition, to a dissolution if necessary.

Our Business Law Legal Services

For startups and new business Wade Litigation embraces the mentoring role and will make sure you don’t get caught off guard by any legal loopholes.  If your company is growing briskly we can help enable the proper channels for rapid expansion.  If you are in the process of a new entrepreneurial endeavour then consider the top business lawyer san jose.  Amiel Wade is routinely considered to be in an advisory board member capacity due to his success with many different types of businesses and corporations.
For any venture no matter the size in all realms, Wade Litigation will conduct the following as your California Business Lawyer or business lawyer san jose.  A business lawyer is often referred to as corporate lawyer or small business lawyer – different titles same outstanding legal service.

  • Deciding a proper structure of organization (limited liability company [LLC], corporation [S corp, C Corp], DBA, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc…)
  • Your businesses formation and dissolution if necessary
  • Any type of expansion whether through Mergers or acquisitions
  • All California Real estate matters, including leases
  • New Partnership agreements or addendums to existing partnerships, joint venture agreements plus strategic alliance agreements
  • Wade Litigation will negotiate and prepare of all aspects of a deal terms sheet, LLC (Limited Liability Company) operating agreements, shareholder and stock agreements
  • Commercial lease, finance and closing
  • NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreement) and confidentiality agreements (confidential business information agreements), non-compete and non-solicit agreements
  • IT (Internet Technology)unions and related agreements
  • Formation of tax-exempt not-for-profit companies such as a 501c3
  • Contract dispute (collect and enforce obligations)
  • U.S. asset purchase and/or investment (so foreign investors can avoid estate/gift tax, and minimize their income taxes)
  • Global business advice
  • And any type of Corporate or legal service related to contract, commitments, promises, understanding and agreements.

Wade Litigation has represented a wide ranging number of corporate clients successfully and offers varying levels of General Counsel that are comparable to having in-house counsel.  If you don’t know where to  begin when considering a new business or corporation consult a business lawyer san jose – Amiel Wade.  Having the right start up plan in place from the beginning is crucial for maximum growth and protection.  Let us traverse the legal complexities associated with this difficult landscape.  Do you already know how to properly bring on new employees of fire the ones not producing?  The initial preparation of an operating agreement or shareholder agreement can read like latin to a non lawyer.  The appropriate way to collect revenue will lessen your liability and loss.
Give us a call now so we can assist you with any matters pertaining to Corporate Law and business law.