When someone purchases a home or piece of property in California, it is usually because they are ready to enjoy the benefits of ownership. There is often a feeling of satisfaction when homeowners looks out over a property and know that everything within its borders belongs to them. That is why boundary disputes can be frustrating and feel quite personal.

What is boundary dispute and how to resolve

Determining the boundaries of a piece of property is not as exact a science as many may believe. Often it involves employing centuries old methods, reviewing arcane maps and consulting dusty property records. Sometimes a dispute requires the physical measuring of the land. A transfer of property may raise questions about the boundaries of the land, or a neighbor who encroaches over the property line may stir up a dispute with other landowners.
Boundary disputes can involve neighbors who erect structures over the property line, allow their animals to graze on a neighbor’s land or allow trees to hang dangerously over neighboring property. Neighbors may also dispute the use of access through private property or any easements that may exist. In cases where there is no clear or visible delineation of properties, disputes may be more likely.
While taking a neighbor to court over boundary disputes may not seem ideal, sometimes it is the most effective way to resolve the conflict. However, it is wise for property owners to have the backing of an experienced attorney. A California attorney can assist in reaching the most positive results possible in any real estate dispute.