If you have an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod and have the iOS8 operating system you, know that your storage drastically changes. Two individuals have filed a class-action lawsuit saying Apple has misrepresented the storage on the devices. Claiming Apple marketing the device as having more storage than available on the devices. A customer should not expect to have so much discrepancy between what is marketed and actual storage.
The individual, which filed the lawsuit, said his new iPhone 6 plus was advertised for 16 gigs of storage and had 12.7 gigs available. Also claiming Apple “aggressively markets” its iCloud storage system. The iPhone with less storage than advertised than offers its iCloud storage when a consumer needs more storage to fit photos or videos.
Apple has not commented on the lawsuit, according to reports.
If you own an Apple iPhone and have upgraded to iOS 8 you know that it kills your storage. Roughly taking 25% of storage from a 16 gig iPhone. Check out this article to read more about the class action lawsuit.