7 ways a vengeful spouse may react to divorce

Going through a divorce often means dealing with difficult decisions, disagreements, and hurt feelings. This combination can make it difficult for couples to reach resolutions in a civilized manner. However, divorce may bring out the worst in a spouse who is especially angry about the turn of events. This may leave the other spouse wasting time and energy dodging unfair tactics and dirty tricks.
While it is possible to overcome the emotional trauma and handle the issues of divorce rationally, not every spouse is willing to do this. It is a good idea to be proactive and cautious even if things seem to be going smoothly. When a spouse is hostile or vengeful, the other partner may have to prepare for the ex to try any of the following maneuvers:

What you need to be prepared for?

  • Cutting off access to money, including credit cards and investments
  • Fighting for full custody of the children
  • Making promises or agreements he or she has no intention of keeping
  • Accusing the other partner of domestic violence
  • Stalking the other partner
  • Sharing private or embarrassing information or pictures about the other spouse

Another common tactic is to drag out the divorce process by refusing to comply with discovery requests, filing needless motions or not signing the divorce documents. A spouse may agree to mediation or other forms of dispute resolution only to stonewall the process, creating even more delays. While many may want to resolve their divorce issues peacefully, it is helpful to have an attorney who will respond quickly to these tricks and who is always prepared to take the case to trial.